Kristine Tan

Kristine Tan

Sales Consultant

Educated in both Australia and Singapore, Kristine began her residential real estate career in 2003. She has a keen eye for real estate on a global level and ventured from South East Asia to the Australia market, selling Australia property to local and international buyers.

Renowned for her outstanding service and attention to detail, she believes that her success comes from forging trusting relationships with her repeat clientele as well as understanding the global market in great depth. She is multi-lingual, being proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujian (Hokkien) and English.

Kristine is highly regarded for her sincerity, transparency and strong work ethic. Her patience and outward approach helps to identify clients’ needs and attain their property dreams. She gains satisfaction in helping clients manage the biggest transaction of their lives and doing her best to make a significant difference and impact.

When not dedicating her time to real estate, Kristine can be found whipping up different food recipes, meditation, trekking, travelling and spending time with her family and friends.